Our Approach

Equip Assessment and Development Services is an Assessment Consulting company, specialising in holistic, psychometric and competency-based assessments for staff selection/ recruitment as well as employee development purposes.

Our team of HPSCA registered consultants have extensive experience conducting assessments in various industries (i.e. telecoms, retail, production, engineering, mining, IT, financial and auditing services, waste management, staff placement, property management and FMCG) across all organisational levels – from technical / entry level staff to C-Suite executives. This has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the requirements posed by different work contexts, as well as being able to analyse the key competencies of various positions in order to design appropriate test batteries. We believe in tailoring our offering and partnering with client organisations to better understand their culture and human capital requirements.

Maintaining a strong development focus, we offer assessments aimed at assisting individuals to develop greater self-insight regarding their strengths / unactualized potential in relation to their current roles and / or future roles. Executive coaching and bespoke team interventions / training programmes also form part of our offering to clients and areas of focus range from resilience and stress management, leadership skills / effectiveness, conflict resolution, as well as improving team dynamics and functioning.  Medico-legal assessments in cases of personal injury are also a new addition to our range of services.


We provide a customized quotation based on your specific requirements.