EQUIP Psychometric Assessments for Recruitment and Selection

EQUIP Assessments specialises in assessments for recruitment and selection. Following a holistic model, our psychometric assessments and assessment batteries are designed to measure:

  • The can do aspects (general capabilities, specific acquired skills and learning potential)
  • The want to do aspects (interests, motivation, commitment and drive)
  • The will do aspects (personality preferences, resilience and ability to sustain efforts)
  • The how aspects (work, leadership and interpersonal styles)

We use carefully-selected psychometric instruments to ensure appropriateness and sensitivity when used in cross-cultural situations. Positions are evaluated to identify key competencies and assessment batteries are then designed for specific positions or levels within an organisation.

Feedback, in the form of integrated reports, focuses on the candidate’s suitability, strengths and development areas in terms of the key competencies identified. For more senior levels, practical simulation exercises such as presentations, analytical exercises or role plays can be included and provide useful insights regarding leadership competencies typically required.

 EQUIP Psychometric Assessments for Development

Psychometric assessments can also be used to identify an employee’s strengths or development needs in relation to their current or potential future roles.  Through individual development feedback, candidates have the opportunity to increase their self-knowledge and investigate personal strengths and development areas in relation to their current work context or possible career aspirations.  The assessment feedback also provides valuable information to the organisation / HR in terms of informing the employees of development plans whilst also giving insight regarding the talent pool. Augmented with appropriate support and development opportunities, this process usually facilitates personal growth, increases confidence and enhances overall functioning.

EQUIP Executive Coaching & Development Services

Through bespoke training / development initiatives, as well as executive coaching, we aim to enhance both personal and professional effectiveness within the work environment.  In terms of our coaching, we follow a structured, goal-directed process with a strong developmental focus, aimed at facilitating positive, sustained change in the client which also advances business objectives.

Interventions may focus on improved functioning within the following areas:

  • Strategic thinking, planning and implementation in line with business goals;
  • Expanding thinking and developing creativity and insight in order to challenge unproductive or maladaptive behaviours;
  • Leadership development;
  • Improving interpersonal skills and group facilitation;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Identifying strengths and empowering clients to achieve their potential in every area of performance;
  • Strengthen resilience;
  • Development of self-confidence and assurance;
  • Identifying and achieving personal goals and increasing self-control in all areas.


We provide a customized quotation based on your specific requirements.